Storeroom Spirits

Securely store your favorite liquor in the Storeroom to enjoy when you’re in the space. $25 fee per bottle covers glassware, ice, mixers, bitters, storage, and snazzy signature label.

To participate either bring in a bottle and ask us to sign it in or pick from S+T’s inventory. We’ll charge your card on file for the purchase cost reimbursement + the $25 fee.

  1. You will have access to your bottle(s) anytime you are in the space
  2. S+T provides standard mixers, glassware, ice, and storage
  3. Members may store up to three bottles ($25 each)
  4. Members may prepare and serve guests drinks from their bottle(s)
  5. BYO rules still apply when attending events – no extra charge w/ BYO or $15 surcharge w/o BYO
  1. No one else will have access to your bottle(s) and vice versa
  2. No guests behind the bar
  3. Last pour at 1am