We encourage members to invite new, fun guests to Stage + Table as often as possible. Whether they’re just in town for a night or live nearby and could be good potential members, you know some great people that we would love to host.

Guests may attend 2 events a preferred pricing.

1st Event
Members may invite any guest to the guest’s first event at preferred pricing by using code STINVITE.

2nd Event
After their first event, guests* who seem like a good fit for S+T will receive an email from us inviting them back for a second event at preferred pricing. After their second event, guests who have been nominated to join S+T will be offered the opportunity to discuss membership.

Additional Events
If membership isn’t a good fit for a guest, the guest may come to future events if they pay the full, listed Guest price and we have room to accommodate them (we prioritize guest spaces for 1st and 2nd time guests).


* Let us know if your guest is a date or someone you do not want us to contact and we will refrain from contacting them. If you would like to bring a date to more than one event at preferred pricing, please contact us to discuss – we’re eager to help make sure that members’ dates feel welcome and comfortable