By arriving on this page we already know that someone we trust feels you are an extraordinary candidate for membership and merit special consideration. Scroll down to learn more about us and your opportunity to join as a $49/month member.

Please note that we have a limited number of these discounted memberships and will be awarding them on a FCFS basis. (Currently, new members pay $250 initiation fee + $75/month dues.)


Epic Nachos

@ Game Night


Beer Tasting Competition

w/ Stella Artois, et al


Bespoke Suits

@ Scotch + Style


Firepit S'Mores

@ Dessert Challenge


Team France

@ Passport Mixology Competition


Frosé + Camembert

@ Wine + Cheese Pairing Competition


Winery Daytrippers

@ Beckman Vineyards



@ Mardi Gras Masquerade


Roofdeck Seating

@ Parisian Supper Club


Short Ribs + Scallion Pancakes

@ Korean BBQ Dinner


Sunset Cocktails

@ BBQ Potluck


Team tattoos

@ Tokyo Murder Mystery


Mint Julip Bar

@ Kentucky Derby Party


Member Mixer

@ O+O Sicilian Bar + Kitchen


Waiting for Churros

@ Tortilla Making


Equal parts tasting society, social club, and culinary hub, Stage + Table is a new type of members-only club where shared experience trumps exclusivity. Our mission is to provide a uniquely interactive, social environment where members connect based on their shared enthusiasm for food, drink and community.



w/ Ahi & Limu


Artisinal Mixers

w/ Muddle @ Wilde


Bourbon Tasting

w/ Koval Distillery


Restaurant Preview

@ North Italia


Texas Brisket

w/ Republic Craft BBQ


Instagram Frenzy

@ Museum of Ice Cream


Torched Cubanos

w/ Fill 'R Up


Impérial & Grand Vintage Tasting

w/ Moët Chandon


Olive Oil Sampling

w/ Beyond the Olive


Claw & Cracker Club

w/ Artist Christopher Reynolds & Chef Dom Gutierrez


Craft Beer Tasting

w/ Golden Road Brewery


Chef Introduction

@ Fig at the Fairmont


Mezcal Mixology Competition

w/ Gem + Bolt


Tenderloin 2x

w/ Chef Kevin O'Connell


Seasonal Flavor Preview

w/ Sweet Rose Creamery

Privileges & Perks

Membership unlocks access to not only our dynamic, outgoing members but also 15+ curated events every month. Planned by our full-time staff, Stage + Table experiences range from participatory supper clubs and mixology competitions to interactive talent showcases and chef demos to exclusive tasting opportunities and brand previews.


Pull Fresh Pasta

w/ a Real Italian Mom


Torch S'Mores

@ Dessert Competition


Brew Sangria

@ Mixology Competition


Finish Cheesy Fingerlings

w/ Cheesemonger Andew Carter


Mix Soju Cocktails

@ Korean Barbecue Supper


Boil Chili Crab

@ Singapore Shared Supper


Prep Veggies

@ Ratatouille Dinner + Movie


Broil Filet Mignom

@ Steak + Scotch


Grill Skewers

@ BYOBBQ Potluck


Suffer Brain Freeze

w/ Boozy Ice Cream


Add Spice

@ Ramen Shared Supper


Toss Dough

@ Pizza Making


Roll Dragons

@ Sushi + Sake Supper Club


Pair Floats

@ Dumpling Competition


Pour Chocolate Martinis

@ Sweet 'n Savory Mixology


Qualities we look for in potential members include a passion for exploring new tastes, trends, and talents along with the desire to be an active, contributing participant in our highly social community. In addition to being nominated by a current member, we require candidates to identify some way they will contribute to our community.

Submit your application below or explore our events calendar. Once we receive your application, we’ll reach out to set-up a brief phone call to go over additional membership details.

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