Guests @ S+T

We encourage members to host friends, family (parents are always welcome at S+T!), co-workers, frenemies, and rivals. However, as a private membership organization, we also need to ensure that we are building a meaningful community of engaged members + always have room at events for current and future members.

In 2018 guests may be invited to attend two events at Special Guest Access pricing. Prior to inviting them to a third event, please contact us to inquiry about pricing and availability.

Parents / Out-of-towners / Significant others / Late night guests (arriving after 8:30pm on Thursday or after 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays)


How does the 2018 Guest Policy apply to guests who came in last year?
It doesn’t! :) 2018 is a new year so feel free to invite them back up to two times at the Special Guest Access rate (or Standard Guest Rate if Special Guest Access is sold out).

How much are guest fees?
They vary by event and what is being offered that night. Sushi night will be more than tortilla making.

What happens if I just want to bring a friend to come later and hang out after all the food and drink stuff?
For ‘late’ arrivals – after 8:30pm on Thursdays and after 10:30pm – the guest fee is $15 and will be charged to the member card on file. (For members, it’s free w/ BYO or $15 w/o BYO.)

Do I have to pay for my guests?
Your call. If you want to pay for them simply purchase access for them via the member calendar. If you prefer for them to pay, send them the event link in advance or text the member phone to let us know to collect at the door.

Why limit the number of times someone can easily come as a guest?
We’re trying to build a meaningful community of engaged members. Allowing someone to endlessly attend as a guest undermines our efforts and isn’t fair to all the (paying) members who support the club.