Pull Fresh Pasta

w/ a Real Italian Mom


Torch S'Mores

@ Dessert Competition


Brew Sangria

@ Mixology Competition


Finish Cheesy Fingerlings

w/ Cheesemonger Andew Carter


Mix Soju Cocktails

@ Korean Barbecue Supper


Boil Chili Crab

@ Singapore Shared Supper


Prep Veggies

@ Ratatouille Dinner + Movie


Broil Filet Mignom

@ Steak + Scotch


Grill Skewers

@ BYOBBQ Potluck


Suffer Brain Freeze

w/ Boozy Ice Cream


Add Spice

@ Ramen Shared Supper


Toss Dough

@ Pizza Making


Roll Dragons

@ Sushi + Sake Supper Club


Pair Floats

@ Dumpling Competition


Pour Chocolate Martinis

@ Sweet 'n Savory Mixology

Collaborate in the kitchen

Get behind the bar

Fire up the grill

Think late night churros, an evening rolling pasta, or muddling sugar cubes to craft a sublime Old Fashioned. And, you’ll share the experience with other passionate makers who can’t wait to get their hands dirty and tasters who are there to enjoy and support. Not an expert? No problem: regardless of skill level everyone is invited to dive in, enthusiasm beats expertise every time. 

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See what it’s like to 

Connect and Taste

with our members