Equal parts tasting society, social club, and culinary hub, Stage + Table is a new type of members-only club where shared experience trumps exclusivity. Our mission is to provide a uniquely interactive, social environment where members connect based on their shared enthusiasm for food, drink and community.

Past Events


MIX: Grey Goose Vodka Espresso Mixology



w/ Ahi & Limu


EAT|DRINK: Jardesca + Cheezus Grilled Cheese


EAT|DRINK: Pretty Ugly Gallery + Citizen Mustard + Wine Tasting




Brew Sangria

@ Mixology Competition


SHARE: Gourmet Sliders + Loaded Tater Tots

Wednesday, January 31st


SHARE: Breakfast for Dinner


8pm Omelet

@ Breakfast for Dinner


EAT|DRINK: Bava Brothers + Campari Group Tasting


SHOWCASE: Oak Smoke BBQ + Mezcales de Leyenda

Friday, 2/2


Restaurant Preview

@ North Italia


Firepit S'Mores

@ Dessert Challenge


MAKE: Dumplings 3 Ways + Soju Cocktails


MAKE: Beef Wellington + Yorkshire Pudding + Scotch Eggs


Team France

@ Passport Mixology Competition


Peel Shrimp

@ Paella Night


Torched Cubanos

w/ Fill 'R Up


EAT|DRINK: Laos Cuisine + Blast Ice Cream + KOVAL Distillery


MAKE: Shabu Shabu + Spring Rolls + Sparkling Sake

Thursday, February 8th


Winery Daytrippers

@ Beckman Vineyards


SPECIAL EVENT: Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

Saturday, February 10th


Impérial & Grand Vintage Tasting

w/ Moët Chandon


SHARE: Crepes + Fondue + Prosecco Bar

Wednesday, February 14th


Veggie Choppers

@ Ratatouille Dinner + Movie


Suffer Brain Freeze

w/ Boozy Ice Cream


Toss Dough

@ Pizza Making


Mezcal Mixology Competition

w/ Gem + Bolt


Waiting for Churros

@ Tortilla Making


Membership unlocks access to 15-20 curated events every month where our members CONNECTTASTE, and CREATE in a highly social environment. Planned by our full-time staff, Stage + Table experiences range from participatory supper clubs and mixology competitions to interactive talent showcases and chef demos to exclusive tasting opportunities and brand previews.

Upcoming Experiences


SHOWCASE: Salacious Salsas + Tres Noches Marias

Saturday, March 2nd


EAT|DRINK: Filipino Fusion + Mezcales de Leyenda

Friday, February 16th


SHARE: Crepes + Fondue + Prosecco Bar

Wednesday, February 14th


SHARE: Sunset Sips + Oysters Shucking

Saturday, February 17th


MAKE: Pasta + Ravioli

Tuesday, February 20th


MAKE: Egg Rolls + Fried Rice + Fortune Cookies

Thursday, February 22nd


COMPETE/JUDGE: Wine Pairing + Mac & Cheese

Saturday, February 24th



Sunday, February 25th


MAKE: Ceviche + Taquitos + Margaritas

Wednesday, February 28th

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