Birthdays @ S+T

We’d love to help you celebrate your birthday at Stage + Table! Here are two options:

ONE – Semi-Private

Reserve the loft (area over the kitchen) during an S+T event on a Friday starting at 7:00pm or Saturday starting at 8:30pm. You and your group will have exclusive use of the loft + access to the rest of the space and everything else happening that night. Your guests are encouraged to enjoy the featured programming and make themselves at home here.

  • For example:┬áduring a Saturday Social, everyone at your party would be welcome to come down to the main level to enjoy the food and drink offered that night.

Pricing is simple: $25 per guest. You have the option of paying for some or all of your guests or asking some or all of your guests to pay via a special event invite link.

  • For example: You want to cover ten specific guests and allow everyone else to get their own ticket. We would charge you $250 ($25 x 10 guests) and add the prepaid guests to the guestlist. Your remaining guests would just go to the event webpage and get their own $25 tickets (discounted from the Standard Guest RSVP rate of $55).

TWO – Private

Pick a night that S+T does not offer programming in the space and rent out the section (or sections) that best suits the vibe of your party. Options include: the Storeroom for 30 guests; a roofdeck BBQ + drinks in the loft for 40 friends: and a blowout for 125 people on all three floors.

Pricing depends on the date, length of usage, number of guests, etc.

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